Easy DIY Guitar Attenuator Build For Your Tube Amp.

We are using an Lpad in this build which is a passive attenuator, a resistive network designed to reduce the power or signal level of an audio or radio frequency signal without introducing any distortion to the signal.

If you keep your eyes peeled you can get some great value for money, cheap second hand guitars, dont just look on ebay, there are many other places to pick up a bargain, if you keep looking you will always find some good deal.

So I purchased this guitar from a guy on a guitar selling Facebook page, it was very cheap at £150 or $188. For the record I went to his house to check the guitar before purchase.

I put my favorite Irongear Blues Engine pickups in it changed the bridge for a rollerbridge and locking tuners and a cut out switch and now its good for gigging.

It looks like a Les Paull and also a PRS Tremonti with mahogany body and neck, ebony fingerboard.

Turns out it was made by Tanglewood, its a one off, one of a kind guitar prototype, this guitar never went into production.

Now its a keeper

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You can go completely mad with effects or you can be minimalist but either way you need to know how to use these effects to get the best out of them in terms of sonic quality.

Many people think that if a guitar fx pedal costs more money it’s a better pedal, this may not be the case.
In this video I will go in depth as to how you use guitar effects properly and also how to choose the right guitar fx to suit your live set up. Also, I talk about how you can utilize your guitar amplifier’s onboard channels for more sonic variation.

On my guitar fx pedalboard, I use:
(In order)
(from guitar to amp)
SmoothHound Wireless guitar receiver
Mooer Tuner
Dunlop Wah switchless 95Q
Mooer Phaser (Ninety Orange)
(in FX loop)
(in order)
Mooer Chorus (Ensemble King)
Moeer Delay (Reecho)
TC Electronic Reverb (Hof)
NOTE: You may notice that my Wah pedal is on the left as I prefer to use my left foot for expression.

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If you get bored over the holidays have a go at DIY Rock Guitar Ringtones and Alerts.

The Guitar Pickup that does it all, does it exist?

Well, I slapped this overwound Rolling Mill in and then decided to get the matching neck pickup cos it sounded so good.
Tell you why, the sound was instantly recognizable, like every great guitar gods solo you could hear a slice of this pickup in it, I love the honky kind of nasal warm sound it has (putting it that way makes it sound bad) and the expressive feel under your fingers.
Not only that it coil taps very well (that’s an understatement as I could swear that it sounded like a Strat at one point).

A big bang for your buck so this gets my vote, and the other thing about Iron Gear pickups is their consistency with good quality and the fact that when you think you heard it all... BOOM, you try another pickup and you get blown away, not just with the quality sound but also the price.

Go check em out http://www.irongear.co.uk
Tell Keith from Iron Gear I sent you:)


OK, so I’m trying to get some track ideas down without paying through the nose for software, audio interfaces expensive microphones and all the other awkward props needed to perform this what should be simple task.

So, in the old days we used a 4-track tape recording machine to get our musical ideas down, now it’s a minefield of gadgets and software.

But not so, staring me in the face is a Blackstar ID core 20 and for a very low price ($100 or so) I get a practice amp, an audio interface and some very nice fx to boot, all you need is free recording software which can be Audacity or the software provided if you purchase the ID Core version 2.

In this video, I show you in real time how to start writing your next epic rock song in just a few minutes using this simple practice amp.

ID Core software: http://www.blackstarinsider.co.uk
Audacity: http://www.audacityteam.org
Lame (for mp3 export in Audacity): http://lame.buanzo.org

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