Ok so I decided to change the speakers in my beautiful Hiwatt 2121C 2x12 guitar cabinet.
I changed the speakers from  the seventy 80 celestion's to the G12-75 speakers, I wanted more bottom end which stayed nice and tight.
Also I had to change the wiring configuration as the new speakers were 16ohms each as opposed to the originals which were 8ohms each.

I purchased the G12-75 speakers from eBay, I noticed that they are quite cheap second hand at the moment, perhaps because most people favor the vintage 30's at the moment. The g12-75's are great speakers dont be put off by their second hand price.

Finally a great sounding and affordable professional grade guitar wireless system with no tone loss and is a steal at its current price.
I have checked latency, done sound tests with cables to compare and I cant find anything bad about it, the transmitter just plugs straight into your guitar and can fit any input type, strat or otherwise, it even has a little suction pad so it stays put.

The reciever tells you that you have a good signal and also tells you at a glance how much power you have left in your transmitter (which is brilliant). Its easy to set up, just plug in and go, does not colour or change your guitar sound in any way (not to my ears anyway).

The transmitter takes two AAA batteries with a typical battery life of 15 hours from modern alkaline cells. Rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries work well and offer a typical 10 hours between charges. An optional auto-power down mode can help save batteries if you don't play your instrument for a period of time.

The unit is currently manufactured in the UK and is available on Amazon

    120dB Signal to Noise Ratio
    0.006% Total Harmonic Distortion
    10Hz-20kHz Bandwidth
    8ms Latency
    Automatic Adaptive Channel Selection
    2.4GHz License Free Operation
    Up to 200 Feet Line-of-Sight Outdoor Range
    15 Hour Typical Battery Life
    Die-cast Metal Jack Hinge
    Metal Body Receiver
    Signal Quality and Battery Indicators
    Balanced TRS Output Jack

Please check out the website first for lots more info: http://www.smoothhound-innovations.com

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Been gagging to try a set of Alnico 8 pickups, then along comes TONERIDER with their Octane Alnico 8 Humbucker.
Dirty but clean is the only way I can explain it, yeah it’s got some fizz like grilled bacon, Yep totally yummy.
Back the volume right off and you can still get some AC/DC raunchy rock with the top end still intact.

Great for Rock, Heavy Rock, Metal and beyond, seriously brilliant value for money guitar pickup.

For prices and availability on TONERIDER pickups go to:

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Checking out some coated guitar strings by Elixir, I just want to find out if it’s true that they last 3-5 times longer than any other normal type of string. To test the Elixir strings I will be performing three gigs over three weeks, so thats a two hour gig then a week for any oxidisation. then again two more times.

There are many variables to do with how long a string may last, like how much you sweat and how acidic or alkaline your sweat is, also how your guitar is set up and also finaly how you play the guitar,fingerstyle, with a pick (not forgeting to mention how hard you hit the strings).

I want to make it clear that I am not name dropping in any way, it’s just that Elixir seems to be the most trusted string manufacturer of coated style strings

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TWITTER: https://twitter.com/barlowbands

Here I show you how to turn a Fender Bassbreaker into a usable, gigable rock guitar amp with 3 channels at the command of your foot.

The results are pretty good, lots of usable tones and overdrive.

OK, finally a great sounding affordable tube amplifier that rocks, what can I say about this amp that everybody has not already said.
Only one downfall is the inability to foot switch between the modes, otherwise this is a Fender for Headbangers.

I bet these are selling like hotcakes.

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